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Orli is a pair of high waisted track pants with a blue stripe and a black text tape down the sides. They have a wide elastic waist with ties. Wear it with one of the colour-blocked styles from the sports collection. Orli ensure perfect comfort and flexibility, while allowing for full, unrestricted movement. Orli is a part of Molo's new sports collection, which seamlessly unites fashion and sports. Wear the Orli track pants with one of Molo's sports tops for a complete, sporty look. Molo’s sports collection is made with a unique, high-performance technology called HeiQ Smart Temp, which supports the body’s natural ability to cool itself down. The cooling function is activated when you are warm and sweating. The cooling function becomes deactivated when the body has cooled down. HeiQ Smart Temp ensures optimal performance and comfort. Independently tested for skin safety. The technology is Oeko-Tex certified.

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