Time for Danish Hygge


What does hygge mean around the world? We have asked 5 people to create their top 5 tips of 'hygge' activities. Read it now and find inspiration to create your 'hygge' moments.


 Lp Hygge Image Sissimum

@sissi_mum Italy

Prepare homemade pizza with friends

Go to vineyards in the fall and take part in the grape harvest

Read a good classic book together with kids under your favourite blanket

Have a walk barefoot on the beach when the crowded summer season is over

Sing and dance at the “sagra” – local town festivals based on delicious seasonal products


Lp Hygge Image The Darlings

@thedarlings_ UK

Me and the girls love to cuddle up in a blanket, with a cup of tea, and read a story, or watch a movie. 

The girls love to build dens and fill them with blankets and cushions and fairy lights, to make it extra cosy inside. 

During the colder months, we have a Sunday morning tradition of walking to our local coffee shop, for warm lattes and croissants and pancakes. After the cold walk it’s extra cosy inside! 


Lp Hygge Image Egmstyle 

@egmstyle New York

Watch Netflix with my family

Drink Green tea which is my favorite!

Hang out with my dog Rosie

Bake and eat warm homemade cookies

Wear cozy sweaters and sweatshirts from Molo


Lp Hygge Image Celine

@celine_audetourdunchemin France

- Prepare snacks all together for the week

- Go pick mushrooms in the forest

- Play board games at home

- Go shrimp fishing at the beach

- Walk barefoot on the sandy beaches


Lp Hygge Image Molo

@molo Denmark

Collect chestnuts and connect them with toothpicks to create small animals

Go to the Hubertus Hunt - a horse race with obstacles through the woods

Bake and eat homemade buns with hot cocoa

Go for a long walk in the forest

Light candles all over the house and cuddle up on the couch


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