Molo holds certification from the Organic Content Standard (OCS)*. OCS is a voluntary global standard that advocates for the importance of organic farming.


*Certified by Ecocert Greenlife, license number 197496. 



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The OCS certification ensures:

Fibres grown without genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides.


+ Traceability of organic fibres through third-party certification using annual check-ups.


Verification of the presence and amount of organic material in the finished product, tracing the journey of the raw materials from harvest to the final product.


Tracking of materials that follow the requirements of Textile Exchange’s Content Claim Standard (CCS).



OCS offers two types of certified label grades:

OCS 100: requiring a minimum of 95% organic fibres (95-100%)


OCS Blended,” requiring at least 5% organic fibres (5-94%)



Molo holds certification for both grades.


For more information about OCS, visit their website.



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