CT:12/10/2022 3:06:24 AM


Nemo is a long sleeve UV rash guard for small children that protects against the sun's harmful rays since Molo's swimwear has a UV protection of 50+. This Nemo rash guard has a colourful print of coral and fish underneath the surface of the ocean. The top is thin and comfortable to wear because it is easy to move around in and a zip at the neck makes it easy to dress a child. The sleeves are orange for contrast. There are bottoms in the collection that match this print. This Molo product is recycled and made from REPREVE reusable polyester. REPREVE is the leading, most trusted brand in reusable fibres and is made from used plastic bottles and other waste. The production of recycled polyester utilises far fewer resources and emits less CO2, making Molo’s recycled swimwear a sustainable choice.

35.00 EUR 24.50 EUR