CT:9/27/2023 10:57:00 AM


Practical winter boots in green with a dinosaur print and with chunky, black soles. The boots are fairly tall and are great for all sorts of weather. These boots match the prints and colours of Molo’s outerwear.

Reflectors on the heels for extra visibility in traffic.
The outer soles are constructed in a thermal plastic rubber with heavy treads for a child's stability in icy conditions.
The lower part of the boot is in rubber, while the shaft is in a soft polyester.
Practical elastic ties at the shaft to make it easy to adjust the width.
Velcro strap around the ankle.
Inner, heavyweight polyester sock to help retain warmth.

The shaft of the boots is constructed in recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles and other waste products, requiring fewer resources, and emitting less CO2.
Environmentally friendly water and dirt-repellent coating without the use of PFOS, PFOA, etc.

65,00 €
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