Outerwear for every forecast
Get your kids ready for the unpredictable autumn and winter weather with Molo. Our outerwear is designed for an active outdoor lifestyle, prioritizing function, comfort, and responsibility. Crafted from high-quality materials and in a tested functional design it offers all the necessary technical features a child may require. Notably, all our outerwear is PFC-free and made without the use of harmful chemicals.

Choosing the perfect outerwear for your child involves considering both your local climate and your child's specific requirements. Explore our guide and learn more about our different outerwear lines, each tailored to specific needs.
Outdoor Proof
The Outdoor Proof series offers functional outerwear with a contemporary design for everyday wear. This collection is designed for use in moderate winter climates and incorporates all the essential features to ensure your child stays warm, dry, and comfortable during their outdoor adventures.

In line with our commitment to responsible practices, this series is made using recycled materials in the shell fabric, insulation, and lining.

The selection includes jackets, pants, and snowsuits available in various colors and prints, catering to sizes ranging from 6 months to 16 years.
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The Superior Performance line includes our most technologically advanced outerwear, offering exceptional waterproofing and breathability. This collection is designed for very cold climates and for children who spend the majority of their day outside. The impressive technical properties ensure that the outerwear meets the highest demands and can withstand the most active lifestyles in the great outdoors.

Aligned with our commitment to responsibility, all styles within the collection is made from recycled materials in both the shell fabric, padding and lining.

The collection includes snowsuits, jackets, and pants available in a variety of colors and prints, catering to sizes from 9 months to 16 years.
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Rubber Excellence
The Rubber Excellence winter suit is the newest addition to our outerwear collection. This rubber suit is designed for everyday use and is particularly ideal for outdoor play on the many wet, rather than frosty, days of winter. The soil-resistant rubber fabric is not only practical but also soft and easy to clean. Furthermore, its exceptional breathability sets a new industry standard for fabrics of its kind.

The Rubber Excellence line is made from recycled materials – from shell fabric to the insulation and lining.

The suit is available in four versions, including two printed and two solid colors, and come in sizes ranging from 6 months to 8 years.
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Rainy days shouldn’t keep your kids from having fun outdoors. Our rainwear collection is crafted in high-quality materials focusing on function and comfort, making it perfect even for the biggest downpours and all the great mud puddles.

The rainwear selection includes both classic rubber rainwear and breathable rainwear ranging in sizes from 18 months to 12 years.
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Buy less, buy better
All Molo outerwear is made in the highest quality possible to ensure a durable product, that stands the test of everyday use. This means that the outerwear pieces can be handed down to the next child in line. By reusing the garments for multiple kids, we reduce the demand for new clothing production and thus conserve valuable resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with the fashion industry.

To further polounge the lifespand of our products, all outerwear in our Superior Performance and Outdoor Proof line, comes with a patch-kit to repair the garment if the shell fabric has been damaged and an extra zipper and buttons.
Warm from head to toe
Don't forget to check out our selection of winter accessories to complete your child's winter look. We have a large selection of cozy beanies, waterproof mittens, soft gloves, and practical winter boots–many of which come in matching prints and colours to the outerwear. These accessories are not just stylish but also designed to keep your child warm, dry, and comfortable during the chilly months. With our winter accessories, your child can explore the world and enjoy outdoor adventures without worrying about weather challenges.
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