CT:4/14/2024 3:46:11 AM


Dark purple, knee length dress with a placement print. The print is at the bottom of the skirt and shows what happens at night in the Moon's Garden. It's a garden that only blooms when the sun goes down. There are flowers like Queen of the Night, Moon Flowers, Angel Trumpet, Primrose and Night blooming Jasmine. This garden is a place where wolves, lambs, owls, moths, polar bears, green-eyed cats, bunnies and deer kids all hang out together. The air is filled with the sounds of the night, and gigantic mushrooms, as big as trees, dot the landscape. Embrace Goblincore and dress like one of the children of the forest, like a deer kid, a shoot or a robin. This dress is in 100% viscose, has a round neck, a hidden zip closure on the back, a high waist, long, full sleeves and a full skirt. it is in a loose fit.

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