CT:2/8/2023 7:32:40 AM


Ola is a light pink skirt with an orange elastic waist that has a text print on it. There are shorts under the skirt, which makes it really versatile. Ola is part of Molo's sports collection, which helps integrate sports and fashion. The skirt is comfortable and constructed in technical materials that make it wearable for down time as well as intense activity. Molo’s sports collection is created with a unique, high performance technology called HeiQ Smart Temp, which supports the body's own ability to cool down. The cool down function is activated when the body gets warm and sweaty, and then turns off when the body has cooled down. HeiQ Smart Temp ensures optimal c omfort and performance. It has been independently tested to ensure that it is safe for the skin. The technology is Oeko-Tex certified.

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