CT:7/14/2020 5:40:57 PM


Opal is a coral red sweatshirt in a wide, loose fit. The sweatshirt has details with text on the back. Opal is a part of Molo's new sports collection, which seamlessly unites fashion and sports. Wear the Opal sweatshirt with Molo's matching sweatpants or shorts for a complete and cool look. Molo’s sports collection is made with a unique, high-performance technology called HeiQ Smart Temp, which supports the body’s natural ability to cool itself down. • The cooling function is activated when you are warm and sweating. • The cooling function becomes deactivated when the body has cooled down. • HeiQ Smart Temp ensures optimal performance and comfort. • Independently tested for skin safety. • The technology is Oeko-Tex certified.

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