Molo's outerwear philosophy

There are many ways of creating functional outerwear: At Molo, we have deliberately prioritised our choices when it comes to designing our snowsuits, jackets and ski pants in order to create high quality outerwear. We work actively with the following 8 qualities:


WATERPROOF: It is important that a child does not become wet when playing outside, that’s why all our functional seams are taped to guarantee that the garment is waterproof. Our garments are among the most waterproof available on the market. If you are curious as to how waterproofing properties are calculated, then refer to the back of this pamphlet.


BREATHABLE: Since the climate varies so much, and we can have cold but also fairly mild winter days, the breathability of a garment is of vital importance to avoid a child becoming wet with sweat and then catching a chill; this is why we choose high quality fabrics that allow for high breathability. We don’t stop there though, because what good is a breathable outer shell if the lining and interlining are not? This is why we also think in terms of breathable properties when it comes to the inner layers and that is why we choose, for example, a high quality fleece as a lining, so any perspiration can easily be transported through all layers in the outerwear, away from the body. Refer to the back of the pamphlet for an explanation of breathability.


WEIGHT/MOBILITY/DURABILITY: These 3 are closely related. At Molo, we prioritise using qualities for our snowsuits and jackets, etc. that do not weigh very much. We do this for the sake of the child to ensure that the outerwear does not weigh the child down or reduce their mobility. The garment’s design is also conducive to mobility because there is a limited amount of bulky filling around the child. If you, like Molo, prioritise soft and comfortable fabric qualities, then you cannot have the ultimate in technical durability. A higher durability usually means a heavier and a stiffer piece of outerwear. At Molo, we have found, through careful research, the perfect balance between durability and lightness in our outerwear in order to ensure maximum mobility.


INSULATION: The lining is essential in ensuring that the garment is warm and insulated. At Molo, we use the best and most trusted insulation material: 3MTH ThinsulateTM. this form of insulation contains tiny microfibers, which means that 3MTH ThinsulateTM adds warmth without adding bulk, and at the same time it is lightweight. The result is functional, breathable outerwear that is lightweight and easy to move around in.

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VISIBILITY: All Molo’s outerwear products are highly visible. We work with reflective piping and Molo’s star reflectors, which are particularly effective because their large size ensures that a child can be seen from a distance in traffic. This is a big advantage in the dark days of winter.


SAFETY: All Molo’s outerwear products are designed in alignment with the EU’s safety standard DS/EN 14682 and thus live up to all the safety regulations required for children’s wear in Europe.

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