Molo got football fever

There is nothing like sports to create a feeling of connection across borders- and this summer, the whistle will blow in Brazil to kick off the start of World Cup ’14.  To celebrate this, Molo has designed a unique football print and a special edition football as well. 


”We wanted to create a great football print, not just a ’World Cup’ print. Molo’s football print reflects football as a sport and a game that unites friends from near and far and bridges the gap across gender, age and countries,” says Molo’s print designer Kerstin Mächs.


By using different types of balls in the print, including Molo’s own football, the look focuses on activity and the sport itself. The print is a sharp colour combination of black, white and green, giving it a very graphic look. This unusual twist highlights the clear colour of the green football pitch and the sharp contrasting white lines and goal net. You almost feel the same excitement as when the referee’s whistle blows! Some styles have black/white sleeves like a referee uniform. The colour and styles will appeal to girls and boys of all ages.


In connection with the World Cup, Molo has produced a number of special edition footballs- a striking black ball with white Molo stars. Some of these balls will be prizes in competitions and events that will be arranged by Molo and its partners. The ball will also be sold by certain vendors all over the world.


Molo hopes that both the print and the football will help spread a little joy and excitement among football fans of all ages! 

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