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Get ready for the beach, pool, sun and water fights with Molo's latest swimwear collection. The vast majority of the collection is produced in recycled polyester.

The collection exudes summer with its beautiful colors and new imaginative prints filled with butterflies, speedboats, zebras, palm trees, seashells, coral fish and much more. From the finest flower meadow to the marvelous coral reef and everything in between.

Explore the collection and find a large selection for all ages.
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Recycled materials
Molo continues its journey towards a more responsible clothing production. For this reason, we are proud to say that up to 80% of the swimwear collection 2022 is made from REPREVE recycled polyester. REPREVE is the leading brand of technical performance fibers, which is made from recycled materials. Including consumer waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets collected from areas where waste like this poses a great risk to the environment. Read more about REPREVE here.

In addition to the swimwear styles, all cotton products in the collection are produced in GOTS* certified organic cotton, which means that these items are made from certified organic materials and produced under strict social and environmental requirements throughout the manufacturing process. Read more about the GOTS* certification here.
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Protected in the sun
All swimwear styles from Molo have an extremely high sun protection factor of UPF50+, which blocks the sun's UV rays, so that your child can play and have fun safely in the sun. As extra sun protection, it is always a good idead to combine 'fun in the sun' with a practical sun hat, which you can also find in the collection. In addition, we always recommend children to be protected from the sun with sunscreen and by seeking shade when the sun is brightest.

The UV protection in Molo's swimwear products is achieved through the weaving of the fabric and is, thus, completely free of surface treatments and harmful chemicals. This also means that the swimwear retains its high sun protection even after many washes and prolonged use.
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New! Sunglasses in recycled plastic
To complete the beach look, Molo's swimwear collection also includes a large selection of beach accessories such as beach sandals, sun hats, towels, bags and sunglasses.

As something new, we are now also introducing a selection of sunglasses with spectacle frames made from recycled plastic (rPET). rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate and is a strong material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that can be returned to the recycling cycle after end use.
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