CT:7/22/2024 1:14:33 PM


Lightly padded windbreaker in black ripstop that is made of 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The jacket's black contrasts are made in softshell, and the back of the jacket is in fleece that is also made of recycled polyester. The jacket has a detachable hood, two front pockets, a reflector on the back and an adjustable bottom. It is ultra soft, and because it is lightweight, it can be rolled up and tucked into the hood, making it easy to pack, e.g., in a school bag.

This Molo product contains recycled fibres from either pre- or post-consumer waste. By using recycled fibres instead of virgin fibres, we support the development of recycled material as well as helping our industry to become more circular.

89,00 € 35,60 €
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