CT:5/19/2024 3:56:04 PM


Zab is a pair of khaki coloured rain trousers in a soft, classic rubber quality. They have an interesting, contrast coloured inner face. Zab has elastic at the waist and ankles as well as stirrups at the feet and a reflector at the back on one leg to make the child extra visible in the dark. The rubber quality continues partially up the leg on the inside to keep the legs dry in rain. This product has a water-resistant, PFC-free surface treatment (Does not contain, e.g. PFOS, PFOA, etc). Water column pressure: 8.000 mm.

This Molo product contains recycled fibres from either pre- or post-consumer waste. By using recycled fibres instead of virgin fibres, we support the development of recycled material as well as helping our industry to become more circular.

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