Molo complies the chemical limits set by GOTS, a standard with even higher requirements than the legal European REACH-law. This means that there is a long list of chemicals that we don’t use because they are illegal or are potentially dangerous.




To ensure that the chemical restrictions set by GOTS are met, we regularly test all our products, both the certified and uncertified ones, every season in independent testing facilities.


Molo’s outerwear is PFC free and has been since 2015. PFC is used in the water-repellent impregnation of fabrics. It is a hormone disruptor and isn’t biologically degradable, which makes it harmful to humans and the environment.


he sun protection in Molo’s swimwear is developed without the use of chemicals. It is the tight weave of the fabric that gives it its UV protection. Even though Molo’s swimwear has a 50+ UV protection, we still recommend that you follow the guidelines set by cancer research institutions in your area when you go out in the sun.