Molo has great respect for everyone working throughout our value chain, and great respect for the work they do. With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, Molo works in line with the 10 principles that the UN Global Compact builds on.




The 10 principles are a part of Molo’s Code of Conduct, which all our suppliers have accepted and signed. Ethical production is the basis for a sustainable product, and respect for human rights and work standards are an essential part of Molo’s values.

 Read more about the principles HERE.


Our collaboration with our suppliers is a partnership. A representative from Molo's production department often visits our suppliers to maintain this close relationship and to ensure that their safety standards as well as the environmental and social standards comply with our Code of Conduct. When we visit our suppliers, we look to see that the practical working conditions are appropriate. We want our suppliers to work in a structured way so that it optimises the overview and communication in our daily interaction. This minimises mistakes and unnecessary waste.


Our suppliers comply with the following international standards for social responsibility and working conditions: SA8000, SEDEX & BSCI.