Molo utilises recycled or reusable materials for our packaging and mailers. We keep a close eye on what’s being developed so that we can find the best long term solutions. We are also focused on making sure that our packaging materials are made from recycled materials.  




Consumer packaging

Molo’s web shop bags are made of recycled polyethylene. At this point in time, this is the most sustainable long term and durable solution for Molo. All web shop bags can be resealed so that they can be used for return packages.


To reduce our use of plastic, we have reduced by a third the weight of the plastic in which our suppliers pack our products. This has substantially reduced our use of plastic. We are not at the point where we can eliminate poly bags all together, because they protect our products from dirt and humidity. Without the bags, the products could get damaged during transportation, which would result in a much greater waste of resources than using the poly bags. We encourage our customers to sort their waste correctly.


All Molo’s price signs are produced on FSC-certified paper to support sustainable forestation. Read more about FSC HERE.


Manufacturer packaging

Our guidelines require that all cardboard boxes that we receive from different manufacturers are either made from recycled or FSC-certified cardboard. All packaging paper is recycled paper. We recycle all our cardboard.



As a starting point, all Molo’s production is always transported in the most environmentally friendly way, i.e., by ship or lorry.  There are some situations where we need to use flights to transport our products home so that we can honour our scheduled delivery agreements with our customers. It’s a last resort and only used in instances where our production has been delayed due to factors out of our control.