CT:7/21/2024 4:14:29 AM


Wain is Molo's new dark green, lined, all-around rain suit in waterproof fabric. The suit is great for most weather, but it's perfect in windy, rainy conditions. It's comfortable, too, because it is breathable. The suit has a detachable hood and a covered front zip closure that protects against the wind and rain. The suit also has several reflectors. This product has a water-resistant, PFC-free surface treatment (Does not contain, e.g. PFOS, PFOA, etc.). Water column pressure: 5.000 mm. Breathable: 5.000 g/m2/24hr.

This Molo product contains recycled fibres from either pre- or post-consumer waste. By using recycled fibres instead of virgin fibres, we support the development of recycled material as well as helping our industry to become more circular.

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