CT:11/29/2023 4:03:43 PM


Wain is Molo's new dark blue, lined, all-around rain suit in waterproof fabric. The suit is great for most weather, but it's perfect in windy, rainy conditions. It's comfortable, too, because it is breathable. The suit has a detachable hood and a covered front zip closure that protects against the wind and rain. The suit also has several reflectors. This product has a water resistant, PFC-free surface treatment (Does not contain, e.g. PFOS, PFOA, etc). Water column pressure: 5.000 mm. Breathable: 5.000 g/m2/24hr. This Molo product is 100% recycled and made from recycled polyester. The recycled polyester is made of used plastic bottles and other waste. The production of recycled polyester requires fewer resources and emits less CO2, making Molo’s outerwear the sustainable choice.

This Molo product contains recycled fibres from either pre- or post-consumer waste. By using recycled fibres instead of virgin fibres, we support the development of recycled material as well as helping our industry to become more circular.

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