CT:6/8/2023 5:45:28 PM


This is a white, one-shoulder swimsuit with a colourful rainbow print on the front and back. Molo''s swimwear 50+ UV protection.

We are celebrating Molo’s 20-year jubilee with a capsule collection called "Still Different Together Since 2003". This capsule collection was created to be a favourite in any child''s wardrobe, and it celebrates diversity and individuality. The rainbow, which is the red thread throughout the collection, is the perfect symbol of hope, promise, peace and equality. For 20 years, rainbows have been featured in Molo''s collections, and they have been in our DNA from the start.

This Molo product is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, which means that the fibres come from recycled materials that can be traced from raw materials to final product. GRS sets high standards for working conditions and the full supply chain, including energy resources and chemical content, to reduce the product''s footprint and its environmental impact. By using recycled fibres instead of new fibres, we support the development of recycled materials and contribute to a more circular production system.

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